Our Strategic Annual Planning Process

Step by step process with templates, tools, and ChatGPT prompts


This guide outlines the process, worksheets, and templates for the Annual Strategic Planning process we use to take our clients from being overwhelmed to having absolute clarity and confidence in their strategic and operational plans.

These are the exact templates that we used at our last workshop so you can get a peek if you missed it!

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Part 1: Year-End Reflections

Strategic planning begins with looking back to see where you are and how you got here. Zoom out and reflect on the bigger picture of this last year, then zoom in to reflect on this last quarter.

Why reflect? Attribution.

  • The worst place to be is not to be making progress and not knowing why

  • The second worst place to be is to be making progress and still not knowing why


Part 2: Create Momentum

Your main role as CEO/founder is to CREATE momentum, KEEP momentum, and ELIMINATE anything in the way of momentum.

This begins with YOU - where in your life are you getting in the way of momentum for your business and team?

How is momentum created?

M = (O - N) E

Momentum = (Outcome - Noise) Energy

Momentum is created by getting clear on the desired outcome, removing the noise and pressure that’s in the way, and then amplifying forward progress by elevating your energy.

Before you begin the strategic planning to get clear on our outcomes, let’s start by looking at what’s creating Noise and pressure in your world.


  • Make A Copy of this Defuse The Overwhelm Worksheet

    • List out your Issues in your relationship with Yourself, Others, and Business

    • Rank them from most to least important

    • Explore what the Top Issues are showing you

    • Explore what the Top Issues are costing you

  • Make A Copy of this Reveal The Core Outcomes Worksheet

    • Identify what your Core Desired Outcome is for each category: Yourself, Others, and Business

    • Get clear on what the Core Outcomes look and feel like when achieved

  • Take a break, go for a walk, regulate yourself

Part 3: Set Your Vision

Getting clear on your long-term vision and mission creates both a ‘north star’ and a filter to make faster, better, and more aligned decisions when creating your strategic plan.


Part 4: Create Your 1-Year Targets 

Now you set your 1-Year Targets and goals that when achieved, will move you closer to your 3-Year Vision.


  • Continue with the Strategic Planning Worksheet

  • Reflect on your 3 Core Outcomes and 3-Year Vision

  • Brainstorm: what COULD you do this year to move toward your Core Outcomes & Vision?

  • Commit: what WILL you do this year to move toward your Core Outcomes & Vision

    • Rank from most to least impactful/important

    • Choose 5 1-Year Targets to commit to

    • One must be a 10X Goal

    • Make sure they’re aligned with your Vision and Mission?

Part 5: Create your Quarterly OKRs

Now you set your Quarterly Objectives - what needs to be done in the next 90 days to move you closer to your 1-Year Targets.


  • Reflect on your 1-Year Goals

  • Brainstorm: what COULD you do in the next 90 days to move toward your 1-Year Goals?

  • Commit: what WILL you do in the next 90 days to move toward your 1-Year Goals?

    • Rank from most to least impactful / important

    • Choose 5 Objectives max (depending on bandwidth and team size)

  • Turn your Objectives into OKRs

  • Brainstorm: what are the POTENTIAL Key Results that lead to accomplishing this Objective?

  • Commit: what WILL be the 3 Key Results for this Objective?

    • Set clear DOD (Definition of Done)

    • Set clear deadlines

    • Set clear owners

For those who want to do their Quarterly Planning with their executive team:

Part 6: Set Up Systems For Momentum

With a clear Strategic Plan (Mission, 3-Year Vision, 1-Year Targets, and Q1 OKRs), the final step is to build your operating system for unstoppable momentum.

Process and Templates exclusive to Workshop Attendees:

  • Ideal Week Design Template

  • Weekly Commitment Planning System

  • Daily Planning System

  • Weekly Momentum Team Meeting Agenda

  • OKRs Management Dashboard

  • Metrics Dashboard (KPI and P&L)

  • Role Scorecard Template

If you want the systems and templates for creating momentum, come join us at the next Strategic Planning Workshop!