My favorite resources from Regina Gerbeux

Best resources on working with an EA.

Epic Resources on working with an Executive Assistant from Regina Gerbeux

I wanted to gather a few of my favorite resources from Regina that really shaped the way that I think about working with an EA and Chief of Staff.

Recently, I wrote a story in a Facebook post of how I met Regina and I am sending the people the resources who asked.

After you read these resources, you will find out why I feel so privileged to have partnered with her on our new EA Certification Program.

You can find more of her resources and templates here:

Below I share who the write up was written for, however both of you (the exec + EA) should read it to be on the same page.

Then, talk through what parts you liked and want to bring into the relationship.

🔥 First, this is a monster of a resource, and I must credit Matt for his vision in putting this together and helping me discover Regina.

This is his entire open source curriculum with the exact resources he gives to Founders he coaches.

  1. Start here if you do not have an EA yet: For the executive: How to hire, onboard, and work with an EA

    or You can hire us to hire, train, and onboard your EA.

  2. For the EA: How to onboard yourself in 30 days

This is where I learned this framework:

"If I had to break it down into several steps, I'd say criteria for success looks something like this: - Days 1-30: Become an extension of the way your CEO thinks 
- Days 31-60: Become an extension of the way your CEO behaves
- Days 61-90: Become an extension of the way your CEO makes decisions

My two favorite parts:

a CoS's main responsibility is to become an extension of their Exec. This means learning how to think like them, make decisions like them, and prioritize for them.  In terms of the startup, your brain essentially becomes a clone of your Exec's.

It might depend on your Exec's definition of "Superhuman," but it's pretty clear in my relationship with Matt: I have to enable him to do all the things he cares about.

  1. For both of you: Bias Towards Action - How Regina is ruthlessly effective.

What action items can I give myself and do to make this goal happen before anyone assigns me an action item?

This one really blew my mind, because it gave me a completely different perspective on how to onboard the right person into your world who can eventually take over a department and even be your second in command.

An Exec Ops has become such an effective hire for the CEOs that I coach that I now require it before coaching someone. I think it's the very first hire that you should make, whether I'm coaching you or not.

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